Deanna joined the Engage Presentations team in May 2018 through the Quebec Government’s Work-Study Program (a paid internship program allowing full time students to do a practicum in the workplace). Deanna is currently studying graphic and web design at Vanier College, where she continues to enhance her knowledge and augment her skills in the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as HTML, CSS & Javascript. Deanna is passionate about design; she combines both her passion and experience to create dynamic visuals and presentations that always have the audience in mind.

Deanna comes from a background in media and communications. She has always been fascinated by how information is conveyed to an audience. This led her to work in fundraising for 6 years at Public Outreach, a face-to-face and telephone fundraising agency that provides strategic solutions for non-profits and charities. Deanna helped train hundreds of fundraisers in effective, purposeful communication. Prior to joining Engage Presentations, Deanna was the Fundraising Administrator at Santropol Roulant (Meals on Wheels), a community food hub.

Deanna is fluent in both English and French. Outside of work, Deanna can usually be found knitting, crocheting, or discovering a new book in a cozy café.