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Our Story

Harvey Schwartz started Engage Presentations in 2005. Engage Presentations has worked with large organizations, medium sized companies, small organizations, public institutions, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants and not-for-profit associations.

We have an ever growing roster of clients and we take great pride in the fact that some clients have been with us for a decade or more. We excel in developing polished audience oriented presentations. We employ the latest techniques and leverage multimedia to help our clients deliver memorable presentations.

At Engage Presentations, we ask the questions that help our clients develop memorable presentations. Once we thoroughly understand how the messages our clients need to deliver align with the needs of their audience we get to work.  We make certain that the audience will perceive value and respond to the calls to action.

Since Engage Presentations was launched in July 2005, the business has developed an impressive client base, including companies such as Janssen Inc., Jubilant DraxImage, Novartis, Otsuka, Pfizer, Shire and many more.

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Ideally, a presentation should tell a compelling story that connects with the audience at an emotional level. When this happens, presentations tends to have a greater impact and key messages are remembered longer.

Let's face it, most presentations are content focused. We believe that every presenter should make the audience the focus of the presentation. What are the core messages that the audience should remember when walking away from this presentation? What strategy will the presenter employ to deliver his message? At Engage Presentations we take our client’s success to heart. We strive to instill the confidence our clients need to deliver a powerful and memorable presentation by building polished and creative visual aids (slides). We take a collaborative approach and include our clients in every step of the creative process.


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