Using the Selection Pane in PowerPoint 2016

The plethora of management tools offered by PowerPoint 2016 facilitates the manipulation of complex slides that contain several animated elements. Since our modus operandi is to create visually appealing presentations, I like to insure I do so in the most organized way. This is when the Selection Pane becomes extremely handy!
The Selection Pane is a tool that allows us to rename and rearrange the order of objects presented on our slide. This is useful for formatting slides with a lot of animation. We can also preview a slide with or without the presence of certain graphics.
To preview the Selection Pane:

1. Click on the Home tab
2. Under Select, scroll down and choose Selection Pane

The Selection Pane will display the list of elements found on the slide. Double click an element on the list to rename it. Clicking the Eye icon on the right of each element hides it. Combined elements are also identified on the Selection Pane as they appear under the same group and can be controlled either together or individually. Identifying elements is important if you want to quickly replace graphics or delete elements on your slide.
Give it a try!


There are many types of animations available in PowerPoint, but did you know that you can actually edit them to your preferences?
We all know about the traditional “fade in” and “fade out” features; however, not many use Motion Path. This type of animation creates smooth movement of objects on the slide. You can create the entrance of an element from a precise spot and have it settle at another specific location. When used properly, Motion Paths creates elegant video-like movements that add a new dimension to often very static presentations.
Interested in knowing more? Reach out and we will be delighted to share what we are able to do with Motion Path to enrich your next presentation!

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